GLOWING BLUE (my first novel) is here!!!

In the Spring of 2018, I began writing my first novel called "Glowing Blue: The Dark Heartbeat of Noah Hale", or just "Glowing Blue" in brevity. My novel was published in September of 2020.

I realize that was a long time to wait for a book that was supposed to be completed in half that time. But good things take time, right? In retrospect it really didn't seem that long. I had a lot going on during those brief years, things that took time to get through and process.

I am not a marketing genius. In fact, I wouldn't consider myself any sort of genius. There are things I enjoy doing, and a small fraction of those things I am actually good at. I think the things we love to do eventually reach a point where we can say we have arrived. But, we can really only claim that level of prowess when there is sufficient feedback with our endeavors to indicate there is any truth to those claims. That said, I really didn't have any idea about how to get it published. So as many good books, it just sat on my laptop and remained unpublished. But, that simply wouldn't fly.

When the book was released, first on Kindle as a download, then as a two pound 1.25" paperback, it was met with some flattering comments and that feel good vibe from family and close friends. There was a nice facebook buzz and some complimentary ratings and reviews on Amazon. Even the cover art, which was an organic oil painting I did around a decade ago, got some kudos.

The experience overall has been wonderful, fulfilling, and exciting. I've bonded very deeply with the characters in the book. I have considered embellishing the story by adding at least another book to the series, but like all projects, finding the time to squeeze that in is the question.

I'm already in the outline phase of a new novel. The conceptual stuff began in mid 2019. I'd love to tell you about it, but not just yet.

Because bringing my characters to life has seemed to be my most praised suit, this next book will continue that tradition and hopefully with more proficiency.

I really love to write. The process of writing is a thrill for me, much like making music, or bringing a canvas to life with oil paint. There are so many stories out there, it's very difficult to find originality, and do it with haste. Following up Glowing Blue will be a monumental challenge, but I believe I'm up to the task. At least, I hope I am! At the end of the day, I just want to write a story with enough substance for my readers to fall in love with it... all of it.

Thanks for dropping by and I certainly hope you'll pick up "Glowing Blue" from the Amazon store. Both Kindle and Paperback formats are available. If you do, please leave some warm positive feedback, reviews, and comments down at the bottom of the books info page on Amazon.

Please tell all your friends and let them know there's a new kid in town.

With all my heart, THANK YOU!


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