New Novel Coming... (Publisher pending)

A few months ago, my girlfriend told me that she enjoyed reading things that I had written, and that I "missed my calling." I had to scratch my head and wonder if that was true. I mean, I love music and art so much that I really didn't know how to respond. After giving it some thought, I realize that

"word-smithing" is a vital skill and can be very artistic in it's own right. So I spent some time considering some story ideas that I've had bouncing around in my head. After narrowing it down to one, I began outlining. Authors say to stick to your outline as much as possible, but be flexible. I can confirm that. I tossed the original outline and rethought the entire story. I also created a Google spreadsheet in order to help flesh out the characters. (Said document is not publicly available right now, however that is something I'd consider in the future.) I have been working a few hours per day on it, whenever I have time. So, there's nothing consistent.


The novel is done and is in the editing phase... just last minute odds and ends.

I'm looking for a publisher. Barring that, I let a couple people read the draft and am getting good reviews so far.

For those who need TL;DR

  • I wrote a book.

  • I'd like you to buy it when it's published.

  • It will be good.

  • It will test you.

  • You will like it.

#writing #book #characters #words #author #text #purchase

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