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Ryon Shane "Gunner" Hall

Born in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Lives & works in Twin Falls, ID.


Author, Artist, Musician, Biker

I've traveled all over the USA on two wheels and seen some amazing beauty.  Art and music is really all I know. What talent I possess I try not to squander. Beyond that, the mystery of life keeps me pushing onward, learning and growing.

Family man

I continually add highlights to my simple philosophy on life improvement. Here are a few:

  • If and when you find your soulmate or twin flame, do whatever it takes.  We may never pass this way again.

  • You can't control others, only yourself. 

  • Don't let pride kill friendship.

  • There are moments that you'll always remember, but you cannot reclaim the time they are etched upon.  Use your time wisely.

  • If you can fix it, fix it.  Replace the rest.

  • Don't rush into battle over things that are smaller than yourself. 

  • Don't misplace words that you can never retrieve.

  • Good relationships are worth the effort. Otherwise, they are like a slice of bread, they eventually dry up, crumble, and are fed to the birds.  

  • Keep your intelligence above your emotion.

  • Guard your tongue.  Everyone's circumstances are different.

  • Celebrate your family and friends.  None of us live forever. 

  • Take better care of your teeth and skin.

  • A rising tide raises all ships.  Be the light.

  • The grass is greener where you water it.

  • Selfish people end up by themselves.

  • The best weapon in the fight for relationships is honest communication.

  • Real Change is like cookies; if you want some, you have to make some.

  • You are better than you think you are.

  • QTL.  Quality Time Left.

A photo of me, pre KETO, in Grasmere, Bruneau, Idaho in the desert after my bike broke down and I bought "Blood Raven".

Both of which saved my life.

Me HD 1.jpg


Ryon Shane Hall

Glowing Blue - September 2020


Warm Art Tattoo, Gooding, ID

1992 -1993


War Paint Tattoo, Gooding, ID, Twin Falls, ID

1993 -1997


Slavedragon Tattoo, Twin Falls, ID

1997 - Present

Multimedia productions

Music / Video

Terraformer Studio, Twin Falls, ID

2002 - Present


2009 - Present

Beers, Bikes, & Byways

2021 - Present

Painting & Digital Art

2002 - Present

Computer Junkie

1976 - Present

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