Ryon Shane "Gunner" Hall

Born in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Lives & works in Twin Falls, ID.

Relocating to Denver, CO (September)


Musician, Artist, Biker

I've traveled all over the USA on two wheels and seen some amazing beauty.  Art and music is really all I know. What talent I possess I try not to squander. Beyond that, the mystery of life keeps me pushing onward, learning and growing.

Family man

I continually add highlights to my simple philosophy on life improvement. Here are a few:

  • If and when you find your soulmate or twin flame, do whatever it takes.  We may never pass this way again.

  • You can't control others, only yourself. 

  • Don't let pride kill friendship.

  • There are moments that you'll always remember, but you cannot reclaim the time they are etched upon.  Use your time wisely.

  • If you can fix it, fix it.  Replace the rest.

  • Don't rush into battle over things that are smaller than yourself. 

  • Don't misplace words that you can never retrieve.

  • Good relationships are worth the effort. Otherwise, they are like a slice of bread, they eventually dry up, crumble, and are fed to the birds.  

  • Keep your intelligence above your emotion.

  • Guard your tongue.  Everyone's circumstances are different.

  • Celebrate your family and friends.  None of us live forever. 

  • Take better care of your teeth and skin.

  • A rising tide raises all ships.  Be the light.

  • QTL.  Quality Time Left.

A photo of me, pre KETO, in Grasmere, Bruneau, Idaho in the desert after my bike broke down and I bought "Blood Raven".

Both of which saved my life.


Warm Art Tattoo, Gooding, ID

1992 -1993


War Paint Tattoo, Gooding, ID, Twin Falls, ID

1993 -1997


Slavedragon Tattoo, Twin Falls, ID

1997 - Present

Multimedia productions

Music / Video

Terraformer Studio, Twin Falls, ID

2002 - Present

Painting & Digital Art

2002 - Present

Computer Junkie

1976 - Present

© 2002-2020 R. Shane HallAll Rights Reserved

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