I am thankful for Thanksgiving.

Well it's 3:23am on Thanksgiving morning and I'm really excited to see my folks and friends, maybe have a celebratory drink or two, play some silly card games, eat a feast, and pass out on the most comfortable couch in the history of couch-passing-out. Seriously, in contrast with the couch I own, it's a coma inducing pillow made of clouds from Mount Olympus. And I can hear all the clocks in the house ticking in unison just like my Grandparents, and Aunts & Uncles had. Isn't it amazing how those sounds all just blend into fading background noise that you can only hear at 3:30 in the morning, wondering why you are unable to sleep. We made pie. It's an interesting concoction.

Here's a man recipe:

  • boiled mashed pumpkin, a lot of it

  • several full bricks of cream cheese

  • several tonka truck loads of diabetes crystals from the diabetes mines

  • a half a good sized bag of shelled pecans, beaten to death with a hammer and mash to a pulp with an empty Moscow mule cup.

  • two cans of heavy whipping cream, mixed frivolously until the large mixing bowl was placed in a sink filled with extra ice from the ice maker in the fridge.

  • many "pinches" of schilling pumpkin spice

  • another truckload of sugar

  • like 10 capfuls of vanilla extract that could just as easily be makers mark 46 or woodford reserve.

  • another two or three bricks of cream cheese

  • mix mix mix....

  • dump the bowl into premade pie crust

  • realize how much you made and get another pie crust, fill it

  • lick the beaters and the 10 spoons used to taste test this pumpkin cream pie

  • spend 10 minutes finding all the cream the beaters threw around the kitchen

  • mop floor

  • sponge sink, stove, cupboards, counter tops, island, Sturgis shirt, and plant stand.

  • put pies in freezer

  • set alarm to remove pies

  • get up glad that you didn't wait til the morning before, because wow, you'd be tired...

  • by the way it's 3:50am

#thanksgiving #pumpkin #spice #sugar #vanilla #family #eat #drink #pie

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