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Here is my post-2020 rate for all styles, small, standard, and session.

$150 hourly / $100 minimum

What is it worth?

The more details in a tattoo, the more time, strategy, and expertise is required. 

A small traditional piece will cost less than a sleeve filled with portraits. 

As a rule, tribal and Celtic work is extremely time-consuming. 

Planning a sleeve is half the battle of getting it done, and thus why it will always look and flow better than a body filled with random hodgepodge.

As you know, any craft requires time, materials, and education, none of which are free.  After the first iteration of Covid-19, materials became scarce.  When I could actually find materials, they were being rationed at the manufacturer level to my vendors who, in turn, were forced to sub-ration these materials to me at a much higher cost.  As of this post, prices continue to increase to the wholesaler and end user, 300% in some cases.  None of us have seen material costs this high, especially quality materials used by picky professionals.  A box of rubber gloves is still over 3x what we used to pay before 2020.  This world has lost its mind.

I reserve the right to price my work fairly based on time, materials, complexity and customer attitude.

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