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2020 was a rough year for all of us, globally.  We saw a horrible man-made disease decimate our species, leaving in its wake an unquenchable sadness in our hearts, an immense strain on the economy, new and seemingly endless trials, massive unemployment and inflation, temporary and permanent business closures, all leading to heartbreaking career and life changes. The stench of division in our beloved country due to these long-standing changes, relentlessly affects us all. 


For this reason, I have no alternative but to raise my rates in order to keep the doors open.  It's not something I ever wanted nor foresaw myself ever doing…  I have always been consistent in my pricing over the duration of my career, never once opting to increase my rates.  Unfortunately, I still have to eat.  Thus, I have increased my standard rate, integrating in into a “tier” system based on material costs, skill level, and complexity of the job.


100/hr $60 minimum



Average: up to 1 hour

small text, small traditional

Picasa - wingedheart99.jpg


$130/hr $100 minimum



Average: 1-3 hours


​traditional, water color

alphanumeric fonts and lettering

Facebook - Untitled


$150/hr $130 minimum

multiple sessions


Average: 2-4 hours per sit

portraits, geometrics, tribal, Celtic, mendhi, photorealism, complex compositions, biomechanic, organic

Facebook - Chas' hobbit


The more details in a tattoo, the more time, strategy, and expertise is required.  A small traditional piece will cost less than a sleeve filled with portraits.  As a rule, tribal and Celtic work is extremely time-consuming, which is why it's been placed into the session tier.  Planning a sleeve is half the battle of getting it done, and thus why it will always look and flow better than a body filled with random hodgepodge.

As you know, any craft requires time, materials, and education, none of which are free.  After the first iteration of Covid-19, materials became scarce.  When I could actually find materials, they were being rationed at the manufacturer level to my vendors who, in turn, were forced to sub-ration these materials to me at a much higher cost.  As of this post, prices continue to increase to the wholesaler and end user, 300% in some cases.  Ask a home builder what a sheet of plywood costs these days!  It would make you ill.  None of us have seen material costs this high, especially quality materials used by picky professionals.  A box of rubber gloves is over $20!  This world has lost it's mind.

Much to my chagrin, I have had to rethink/tabulate my prices for the foreseeable future.  If our economy returns from this shameful red zone, and I hope it does, I will pass those savings on to you.  Until that day, this is where we are. 


The chart is a basic guide.  I have, and will always reserve the right to price my work fairly based on time, materials, complexity and customer attitude.

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