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Slavedragon Tattoo is closed until further notice.

I am not taking on any new clients until I get settled into a new spot.


Don't worry!  I will return, I promise!  I'm just changing locations again.  I can still be

reached at the number below.





In order to continue to provide safe, vivid, affordable art and ultimately to maintain good relationships with my neighbors and friends,


THESE ARE THE RULES:               (please read this before your appointment)



Please read my aftercare procedure prior to getting your tattoo work done.  It will let you know exactly what to do after you leave here, what to expect, and if you have questions, you can ask me during the tattoo to avoid questions later.  I do not sell aftercare products or anything else.  I operate at a customer service only level.



DO NOT just come over at all hours of the day and night.  I’m not your daddy.  

Business hours are from 10am until 5pm Monday through Friday, APPOINTMENT ONLY.  NO Saturday, Sunday or after hours gigs will be available unless otherwise scheduled in advance at an overtime rate of +50%.  My studio becomes a home again at the magic hour of 5pm, no later.  Again, NO walk-ins at any hour, you must call and make an appointment.



I realize everyone has legitimate emergency situations that preclude them from making it to their appointment.  All I ask is that you let me know in advance so that I may fill your time slot in a timely fashion.  Give me a call!  I don't usually charge people a fee to book appointments with me.  On the other hand if you "flake" on me more than a couple times, this poses a financial risk to me, after which I reserve the right to charge an upfront non-refundable deposit fee for future bookings.  People who are habitually late or no-call no-shows will politely be turned down for future bookings.



Please park on the South side of the property by the curb, not in the driveway.

Do NOT park across the street or in front of my neighbors homes.  It’s a matter of respect and common courtesy.



I no longer work with a piercer.   They still exist in rare pockets of cotton candy in Unicornland, IF you can catch them.

Try there or the phone book.



I do NOT have room for your entire entourage nor do I have any effective method of entertaining additional guests whilst you get your tattoo.  Please limit your party to yourself and another person.  I’m not antisocial, I simply don’t have additional seating available.



Leave small children and infants with a family member or a sitter.  This is non-negotiable.  Children are prohibited from entering the studio.  NO one under the age of 18 will be tattooed.  NO, you cannot sign for your child here.  Do NOT ask for special consideration regarding minor children, ever.



I respectfully decline to tattoo either of these.  Please wait until you have had your child and are completely done breastfeeding. 



Absolutely NO PETS on the premises.  I am allergic to animals and even more allergic to wiping their piddle puddles.

It is also important not to wear clothing to the studio that contains animal hair for the same reasons.



NO photography until after we are completely done with the work.  The truth is, I don't like being photographed throughout the process.  Please show respect.  If you need to use your cell phone to visit with a colleague or family member, please feel free.  I get paid either way.  :-P   NO cell phone games while we work.   Other forms of entertainment including but not limited to music, Netflix, and old fashioned conversation will be available.



1. Shower

I realize some of you work in dirty dusty smelly jobs.  It is absolutely crucial to have had a good shower before you get here.  If you are filthy dirty when you arrive, you will be rescheduled.  It’s that simple.  I wouldn't even consider tracking manure into your home or place of business.


2. Socks Only

I have a “socks only” policy at the studio.  Please, by all means wear clothes, but I would prefer that you remove your shoes at the door either outside or in the vestibule just inside.  This will minimize wear on our amenities and actually provide a little extra comfort for you. I usually work in house socks anyway.


3. Tattoo Outfit

Please come in your “Tattoo Outfit”.  Tattoos can be messy.  If you don’t want your shirt or pants to get stained, don’t wear them to the studio.  It’s customary to designate an old T-shirt, and shorts as your “tattoo outfit”, and wear it each time you visit.  The foundation of a good tattoo outfit is to wear clean, loose, black or otherwise dark colored clothing.



No pissy attitudes.  Ugh, I have no desire to deal with everyone on that level.  If you are having a bad day or feeling ill, let’s reschedule for a day that your synergy level is a little higher.  We all have off days.  Tattoos should be good experiences, so let’s keep them that way.


A short "pause for the cause" is expected and acceptable. But we won’t have time for several cigarette breaks during your tattoo.  I find it’s best to learn to manage and control our own habits.


Smoking IS permitted during breaks outside in a designated area.  Use the ash/butt containers.

Take any trash or empty containers with you when you leave.  I’m not your maid.

NO drug or alcohol use on the premises.  If we suspect you have been "using" or drinking alcohol, you'll be denied service.



It is VITAL that you eat a good meal before coming in to get tattooed.  Occasionally people have a tendency to feel faint or nauseous without having eaten anything prior to their appointment.  This is usually due to a lack of hydration and/or proper blood sugar and protein levels.  When you arrive and get started, it’s usually best to limit yourself to a beverage or two during the process (water is available) and keep the pizza on hold until you get home.  We aren't a restaurant.  If you feel faint/sick, please let me know early so that I can make you more comfortable.


Over the years some of you have messaged/emailed me asking for a quote, an estimate, a bid...  Please don't do that.

I don't own a crystal ball...  Until the work is completed and we've put in the time and effort, I really can't predict an accurate cost.  I waste more time just guessing and answering emails than just having you bring a reasonable cash buffer and getting the tattoo done.  Here's the breakdown:  The overall cost of your tattoo depends on your attitude, how well you sit still, my overall operational time, material consumption, and the size/complexity of your design.  None of these factors are certain until you arrive and we consult about the reality of what we are doing.  Art is only an idea until it's done.  There may be marginal additional costs for custom design work and variables beyond my ability/time to explain.  In my experience, a standard pricing guideline is $100/hr on the average.  In extremely rare occasions, I do reserve the right to bid what I feel is mutually fair rather than a stock hourly rate.   So again, just bring more than you think you’ll need and I will do my best to fit within your budget/time constraints.  Remember an old adage in this trade: Cheap-Fast-Good, pick two.  



If you need your tattoo repaired for any reason, you have 90 days from the initial date of your tattoo to reserve your spot to have it done. I offer no warranty beyond this time frame. I am not responsible for damaged tattoos, and certainly don’t tattoo for free.  If you won’t follow my time tested aftercare system, I won’t provide free touch up service to you.



I’ve been a big part of the tattoo industry in Southern Idaho since 1992.  Since then I have literally done thousands of tattoos, at my studio, at home, rallies, other peoples' homes, at conventions, internationally, and at busy street shops, learning early on how to prevent cross contamination, and do the best tattoo work I possibly can.  I was a founding member of the Idaho Tattoo Association and Trained Technicians back in the mid 90s.  I have taken the PDTT course offered in accordance with state regulation by the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, some of whom also work from home studios all over the world, which are no less clean or sterile than any flash filled studio.   It's not the building that tattoos you.  It's me.  I prefer to work in my own space without all the walk in traffic.  I'm over it.  In 1994 I tattooed as a guest in Nagoya, Japan, not in a studio, but in two small homes.  No tattoo artist  needs an expensive commercial property to do a tattoo as long as universal precautions are observed and implemented.  They merely need space to provide the service of tattooing and sterilize their surfaces and equipment. I can’t vouch for anyone else inside or outside a commercial space, but here it’s completely safe, and quite comfortable.   I use only industry standard autoclaves, ultrasonics, pigments, surface disinfectant, and sterile sharps at all times.  It’s a matter of education, technique, and experience, all of which I possess.

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